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Uncertainty in China leads middle class to prepare “escape plan”

In restaurants and cafes in Beijing or Shanghai, exchanges of advice between groups of friends and family have become commonplace about the best countries to emigrate to or how to obtain a passport and visa, at a time when Chinese authorities are making it difficult to leave the country.

The phenomenon is not new: in Portugal, for example, the Chinese are traditionally the main investors in the ‘gold’ visa program.

The novelty is the desire expressed by the Chinese to establish themselves permanently abroad. The term ‘Runxue’, which combines the English word ‘Run’ (“to flee”, in Portuguese), and the Chinese word ‘Xue’ (“to study or analyze”, in Portuguese), has gone viral on the country’s social networks. .

Although wealthy Chinese families have always wanted to obtain residency abroad, most have chosen, to date, to remain in China, given the economic opportunities that the country traditionally offers. “More than 90 percent of the customers [of the ‘golden visas’] do not live in Portugal”, a source in the sector explained to Lusa.

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