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China accuses G7 of ‘sowing division’ after criticism of Beijing

China on Wednesday (29) accused G7 countries of “sowing division” after the group of richest countries condemned Beijing’s trade practices in a statement at the end of the summit.

G7 leaders on Tuesday criticized China’s “non-transparent practices and market-distorting interventions” in a statement that also said they would seek to “reduce strategic dependence” on Beijing. At the end of the summit in Germany, the G7 countries (the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and Canada) used an unusually harsh tone toward China in their final statement.

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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded Wednesday, saying the rich countries’ statement shows that they are “eager to sow division and confrontation, without any sense of responsibility or morality.”

The G7 should mitigate globalization rather than encourage division “at a critical time for the international community in fighting the pandemic and in economic recovery efforts,” Zhao said at a press conference.

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The United States has long criticized Beijing’s trade practices, accusing it of favoring Chinese companies over foreign ones.

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