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China wants more scientific knowledge and global partnerships for the oceans

China yesterday urged the international community to deepen scientific knowledge of marine and coastal ecosystems to preserve more of the oceans, showing itself ready to establish partnerships with countries around the world and joint actions.

The 2030 agenda “characterizes today’s world as interdependent and interconnected as never before. Only by strengthening global cooperation and partnership is it possible to achieve the SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals), defended the special representative of the Chinese government at the UN Conference on the Oceans, which takes place in Lisbon.

In this regard, he urged the international community to strengthen and intensify joint actions and assistance and cooperation, especially with developing countries and especially small island states, “to strengthen their capacity for sustainable development”.

China also announced that it will make a financial package available for small information technology projects in the area and promised to “continue to contribute to the fulfillment of the United Nations objectives with concrete actions and results”. This is the case of the Center for Cooperation and Remote Sensing by Satellite China and Africa and other projects, through which technical support is given to maritime spatial planning and technical assistance, for monitoring, evaluation and early warning to respond to climate change and prevent marine catastrophes.

The representative of China took the opportunity to reaffirm, before the leaders of more than 140 countries, that “there is only one China” and affirm that “Taiwan is an integral part of its territory”.

This is the second UN Conference on the Oceans, and this time it is co-organized by Portugal and Kenya. It started this Monday and runs until Friday in Lisbon.

It is expected that the United Nations Ocean Conference (UNOC) will produce the Lisbon Declaration, which will help to achieve SDG 14, accelerate the fight against pollution, and increase the preservation of biodiversity and sustainability. As well as the generalization of the notion of the importance of the oceans in the fight against climate change.

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