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Rafael Leão: “70 million euros? My real value is something else”

Rafael Leão, Italian champion for Milan and elected best player in Serie A last season, gave this Wednesday statements to Login, a monthly magazine of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The Portuguese international, who was instrumental in Milan’s Serie A conquest 11 years after the previous one, began by explaining how scoring goals is not so different from… surfing waves.

“If I don’t manage to catch a wave, I know another one will follow and you have to be ready”, he compared, before praising the Rossoneri fan base: “Milan are huge, with more than 500 million fans, in the decisive game in Reggio Emilia it felt like we were playing at home, and it feels good to try to involve and move each of them”.

After a memorable season at San Siro, Rafael Leão went from being valued at 25 million to 70 million, entering Transfermarkt’s top-100 most valuable players today. Numbers that, for the 23-year-old forward, do not reflect his “real value”.

“I don’t think about it, my real value is something else. God gave me talent and I have to be grateful and keep working so I don’t waste it. I’m still young and I know I have to grow up from every point of view,” he admitted, ending his speech with a revelation about his family.

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