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English bar wants to become a church to circumvent pandemic restrictions

The tequila bar “400 Rabbits” has changed its name to “Church of 400 Rabbits” and intends to take advantage of loopholes in British government law to contain the spread of covid-19.

A tequila bar in the English city of Nottingham has found a creative way to recover from the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which forced the closure of doors of some commercial establishments, except for deliveries and take away.

He began by changing the name of “400 Rabbits” to “Church of 400 Rabbits” and asked the city hall to declare the bar a place of worship.

The owners of the establishment, which opened five years ago, have found a gap in the restrictions imposed by the British government to contain the spread of covid-19, which provide that people living in the same house or bubble may attend places of worship. That is, the “Church of the 400 Rabbits” would have the doors open to customers…

After completing the forms for the establishment to be certified as a meeting place for religious worship – in accordance with the Places of Worship Registration Act of 1855 – the bar now searches for members of its congregation through its website, where it can register as “Rabbit Believer” or be ordained “Reverend of the Righteous Rabbits”.

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