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A good precedent

António Bilrero*

The Portuguese-language press of Macau points out in the editions of this Wednesday, December 2nd that the Base Judicial Court (TJB) proved most of the facts alleged by the academic Éric Sautedé in the case that opposes him to the University of São José e which culminated in the dismissal.

I am not going to comment on the specific case because I am not a lawyer, therefore unable to handle legal arguments for or against. But from what was said yesterday, Tuesday, in court, it is worth the risk of drawing a conclusion that proves to be overwhelmingly greater to the case itself.

According to press reports, the court found it proved that the plaintiff (the dismissed) suffered a great deal of disgust, felt insecure and distressed and that, as a result of the entire process that led to the end of the relationship with the employer, he ended still suffering depression and psychological instability, having had the need to isolate and stop living.

Well act TJB. Unrighteous unemployed people from all over the world, unite. I warmly greet you from here.

Indeed, who, in their true judgment, once unemployed and considering themselves a victim of injustice, does not suffer great grief, insecurity, anguish, depression, psychological instability, isolation and fails to socialize?

There are happy precedents. Employers take care ??? !!!

*Executive Editor of Plataforma

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