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There are white, black and yellow who are bad, very bad …

The President of Angola had one of the most revolutionary statements from the social point of view that an African statesman can have in such an ethnically stratified country. It did so in response to Rosa Mendes, daughter of the deputy elected by UNITA (the largest opposition party), David Mendes, who participated in a youth meeting with the head of state on Thursday in Luanda. “We are enslaved by whites,” accused Rosa, a member of the revolutionary movement (‘revus’) in Angola. João Lourenço replied with this remark that was much more radical than that of the activist: “We do not support the behavior of xenophobia and racism of those who come to say that they do not work with whites. There are bad whites, but there are also bad blacks, there are very bad blacks ”, he stressed. And he concluded with this note: “What we have to fight is the evil and not the color of the skin”. Never before had an African head of state emphasized that it is not necessary to combat skin color but evil.

Hate and racial segregation are rooted in African societies that have experienced colonization and slavery. Societies that already had a complex system of ethnic segregation before the “whites” arrived, through their own monarchical and slave systems.

The slave trade has been in Africa since antiquity, around the 2nd century BC and civilizations in North Africa, such as Egypt, were built on the backs of men and women in chains. Both, former colonizers and former colonized, propagated stereotyped views of the “blacks” and the “whites”. What needs to be tackled is really the evil at the origin of this propaganda. It will even be necessary to combat the “banality of evil”, referring to the concept of the German philosopher Hannah Arendt.

Because there are bad whites, blacks and yellows, very bad… they are not bad for the color of the skin but because they use it to hate, subdue, conquer. The issue of racism should already be eradicated from the political agenda of the 21st century. However, even recently, in the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America, the street clashes have returned because of racial hatred as if we were in the 1960s. George Floyd’s death was the fuse for the “Black Lives Matter” civic movement, which, given the recurrence of police abuse cases against blacks, has ample reason to exist.

The concept of race, supported by studies of biological evolution in the 19th century, marked the relationship of superiority and inferiority between colonizers and conquered and was very pronounced in North America, ironically “land of the free and home of the brave” (a “ land of the free and the brave ”). Racial segregation is said to have been the most exported “product” by the Western world and colonizer in the 19th and mid-20th centuries. Unfortunately, racism and slavery or slavery (in their various forms) are still realities in many Western, African and Asian countries.

Let us hope that the deepest fight against “evil” will be done in North America. And that one day we can live up to the noble phrase “land of the free” inscribed in the North American anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner”, composed in 1814.

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