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Sérgio Moro’s wife in a book: “Sooner or later, the system would detonate him”

In a book, lawyer Rosangela Moro, wife of Bolsonaro’s former justice minister, reports the couple’s backstage, admits to having voted for Lula in 2002 and confesses her disappointment with the current President

In at least six years of greater exposure, since her husband took over the handling of the Lava Jato lawsuits in Curitiba, lawyer Rosangela Wolff Moro, 46, is not used to interviews. Her statements with political or opinion bias, even provoking fights with her husband, Sergio Moro, generally came from social networks. Coincidentally, after the legal quarantine period of the former Minister of Justice, in which he could not exercise functions, and given Moro’s signs of boarding the presidential race in 2022, Rosangela decided to open the Pandora’s box.

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