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Ex-Tottenham without a doubt: “Mourinho brainwashed the players”

Former London coach Tim Sherwood believes the team that now leads the Premier League can finish the season in first place.

After the personalized written messages that tell of a José Mourinho close to the Tottenham players is Tim Sherwood, a former coach and a former player of the club who values ​​the change in Spurs athletes: “He found a way with the players he has. Clearly, Mourinho brainwashed them to believe and work to earn something, they need to win trophies. ”

And because Tottenham is leading now, Sherwood sees the ability to discuss the title. “Mourinho has already won 20 important trophies in his career. You start to win, you start to believe that he is real, that he knows what he talks about … Because we cannot win the Premier League “, he asks, valuing the London market action:” They bought very well. Reguilón is a good decision for left back and Hojbjerg is the best buy. It fits in style and protects the two halves of the midfield. When you have players like Son and Kane, who are world class and could play for any team in the world, there is always a chance to win things. ”

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