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Lucidity and common sense

If there were any doubts, the head of the Macau Government, Ho Iat Seng, ended up dissipating them this Tuesday, during a questioning session of the lawmakers, within the scope of the presentation of the Governmental Action Lines for 2021: The return to normal life, the one we always knew, will only be done when there is a vaccine that ensures protection against Covid-19.

“Economic recovery depends on finding a vaccine,” he said before the Legislative Assembly.

And left an alert. “Even with the financial support provided by the Government, it will not be possible to solve the problems of growth and unemployment” in the city.

For Ho Iat Seng, the solution is to vaccinate the entire population, assuming that it will have the “desired effects”. And only after that can the territory “see a way out” and regain confidence, as well as the economy.

Only with the vaccine will it be possible to remove the masks and open the city doors to tourists from all over the world, he said.

In view of the effort and a certain flavor of tranquility experienced by the local population throughout this “annus horribilis”, Ho’s words deserved almost unanimous approval, simultaneously revealing common sense and lucidity. Until then, the economic boom will have to wait and submit to the policy of the small steps.

Until then … persisting continues to rhyme with resisting!

*Executive editor of PLATAFORMA

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