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Ways to help the Environment while in the kitchen

Joana Cabrita

The concern about the Environment and to reduce our ecological footprint is something that has been gaining importance in our lives. You can also do it in the kitchen

From our beauty routine, including the way we relate it to fashion, there are a thousand and one ways to help the Environment. You can also do it in the kitchen.

Being more environmentally friendly is a current topic that has changed our consumption habits and behaviors a lot, even though there is a long way to go in terms of waste and pollution. But small actions can really make a difference!

Thinking of all the people who also have these issues as a daily concern, such as recycling every day, avoiding waste or paying attention to water consumption, we have put together some tips to make it more environmentally friendly in the kitchen.

See below what you can do to contribute to this cause:


Composting seems more complicated than it really is. Storing food scraps allows you to recycle organic materials that, instead of turning into waste, will function as natural fertilizers used in gardening. By reducing food waste, it will also indirectly help to combat climate change.

But note that not everything can be composted, such as meat or dairy products. The easiest way to start the effort is by collecting, for example, eggshells, coffee grounds, discarded pieces of fruit and vegetables or tea bags (among other things). Store them in separate garbage and deliver them to specific locations. Or you can use it at home, if you have a garden.

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