Início » Terrorist attack in Tanzania perpetrated by Cabo Delgado insurgents

Terrorist attack in Tanzania perpetrated by Cabo Delgado insurgents

Crime committed a few kilometers from the border with Mozambique.

Twenty people were beheaded in the Kitaya region of Tanzania, a few kilometers from the country’s border with Mozambique. The attack was attributed to the insurgent group that usually spreads terror in the province of Cabo Delgado, having already been claimed by the Islamic State, which guaranteed to have killed three Tanzanian soldiers.

The attack also culminated in the destruction of an armored military vehicle, several houses on fire, looted money and robbed military weaponry. Videos and photographs circulated on social media show insurgents decapitating a man and, later, throwing their heads onto a road.

Terrorists express themselves in ki-swaili, kimuane and emakwa. “We have nothing to do with the changes that are coming. We are here, we are going to kill and leave his head on the road. They are pigs. Allah Akbar (God is great)”, can be heard in one of the published videos.

In another video, the extremist group appears to tear up a propaganda pamphlet from the current president of Tanzania and candidate for his own succession, John Magufuli. “Allah Akbar. Feel greeted. Here’s Magufuli’s face and that means we’re in his land.

The Carta de Moçambique newspaper found, from military sources, that the insurgent group entered the country by sea, following the course of the Rovuma River, where it set up by burning houses and shooting into the air. Thus, he recalls, Tanzania becomes the third country to fall victim to terrorists, taken over by the Islamic State in that area, after the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique, which has been grappling with terrorism for three years.

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