Início » 46 Angolan children die from malnutrition per day

46 Angolan children die from malnutrition per day

The Angolan Government today recognized the condition of “vulnerability and levels of malnutrition” in which many children find themselves, with reports of about 46 daily deaths from malnutrition, guaranteeing the commitment to “strengthen national production”

Recently, the Angolan weekly Novo Jornal reported that 46 children die of malnutrition every day in Angola, data from the National Directorate of Public Health compiled in the first half of 2020. “The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is aware of the information on vulnerability and levels of malnutrition, hence this engagement in the sector in order to increasingly strengthen national production”, said today the director general of the Institute of Agrarian Development ( IDA), when questioned by Lusa.

According to the official, as a response, to reverse the situation, the activity of that ministerial department focuses more on the acquisition and viability of inputs (raw material for agriculture) for producers.

For David Tunga, it is a joint effort between the ministries of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Planning and Health to respond to the challenges facing the country. “It is a joint effort to effectively detect situations, especially in rural areas, and at central and provincial levels to design programs that can respond to these challenges facing the country,” he said.

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