Michael Rutter: “With 14 days' quarantine, we are not going to the Macau Grand Prix” - Plataforma Media

Michael Rutter: “With 14 days’ quarantine, we are not going to the Macau Grand Prix”

The obligation to quarantine to participate in the Grand Prix is ​​leading some teams to reconsider their presence in this year’s edition, as is the case led by Briton Michael Rutter, winner of the GP Motos in 2019.

Heard by TDM-Rádio Macau, Michael Rutter says that the team has already registered for the sporting event, but that, in keeping with the announced rules of pilots and their technical teams having to comply with 14 days of medical observation in the designated hotels, the most certain thing is not to run in Macau in November.

“Quarantine is a big problem for our team. I’m afraid that if the quarantine period is that long, we won’t be able to go, ”he said.

“We hope to go to Macau, but for our team it is not possible to do two quarters of 14 days. Hopefully things will change, but if not, we have the next year ”, he added.

Read more in Portuguese at TDM – Rádio Macau.

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