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EU companies sell surveillance technology to China

The International Amnesty warned yesterday that three European companies are selling surveillance technology to public security agencies in China that could contribute to the increase in human rights abuses in that country.

The alert is based on an investigation by the human rights organization, released during the meeting scheduled for Tuesday in Brussels of representatives of the three European institutions – European Parliament, Commission and Council (presidency) – on a review of the rules applied European Union (EU) exports.

According to International Amnesty, three European companies, based in France, Sweden and the Netherlands, “sold digital surveillance systems, such as facial recognition technology and network camera systems, to the main players in the surveillance device in Chinese mass ”.

AI warns that “in some cases, the exported devices have been directly used in indiscriminate mass surveillance programs, with the risk of being used against Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups across the country.”

Still according to AI, “most EU governments, including France and Sweden, are resisting calls to strengthen export rules to include strong human rights safeguards in biometric surveillance technology, an area that European companies dominate ”.

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