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Playing ball with Bolsonaro’s head yields death correction to art collective

A video shared on social networks where young people play football with the head of the Brazilian president led the authors to receive. The project of the Indecline collective, Freedom Kick, also includes the head of Trump and Putin and has already announced more than 140 thousand comments, some of them talking about death, others in prison.

A teenager watches videos of President Jair Bolsonaro sitting on a staircase emblazoned with graffiti by the murdered councilwoman Marielle Franco. Then, the young man puts his cell phone in his pocket and skates the streets of São Paulo. He then arrives at a cemetery and removes Bolsonaro’s head from a grave wrapped in a garbage bag, which is used as a soccer ball in a neighborhood court.

The football game with the head of the president is the newest chapter of the project “Freedom Kick”, or kick of freedom, an action of the American collective of street art Indecline with the Spanish artist Eugenio Merino. The initiative promotes amateur soccer matches in which the balls are silicone replicas of heads of leaders that the group defines as populists – in addition to the Brazilian, Russian Vladimir Putin and American Donald Trump have already taken to the field.

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