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Brazilian police urge Bolsonaro’s sons to testify about anti-democratic acts

The Brazilian Federal Police (PF) summoned councilor Carlos Bolsonaro and deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, sons of the country’s President, to testify as witnesses in the Supreme Federal Court investigation that investigates the organization of anti-democratic acts.

The information was provided by the CNN Brasil television channel, which had access to the investigation files, which are being processed under the secrecy of the courts.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) of Brazil had already spoken out against the hearing of the two sons of the head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, claiming that there was no evidence of the involvement of politicians in anti-democracy demonstrations, and that the statements in question would not be fundamental for the investigation of the case. However, the PF maintained its position.

At issue is an inquiry opened in April, as determined by the judge of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court Alexandre de Moraes and at the request of the PGR, to investigate the organization of demonstrations against democracy in the country, which asked for the closure of the Supreme and Congress, as well as a military intervention.

In this sense, the Brazilian police carried out several search and seizure warrants at the residence of Jair Bolsonaro’s allies, in order to access possible evidence about the organization of anti-democratic protests, as well as who finances them.

Among the targets of the police actions were federal deputies, senators and several other supporters of the executive’s leader, such as entrepreneurs, ‘bloggers’ and ‘youtubers’.

PGR investigations consider that Jair Bolsonaro’s political allies used public money to publicize anti-democratic acts.

The highest instance of the Brazilian judiciary also analyzes the spread of false news and threats to judges by Bolsonaro supporters.

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