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Mozambique to face five environmental threats by 2050

The Portuguese-speaking country is the second in the world with the highest risk of ecological shocks, after Afghanistan and among 157 states analyzed

Mozambique is the second country in the world with the greatest exposure to ecological shocks, according to a classification released today and which estimates that the country may face five environmental threats by 2050.

According to the Register of Ecological Threats, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace of Australia, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Namibia are the three countries, among the 157 analyzed, with “greater exposure to ecological shocks”.

Afghanistan is expected to face six environmental threats and Mozambique and Namibia five by 2050, being classified as “high risk” countries of ecological shocks and with low levels of resilience.

Mozambique is also identified as one of the “most fragile countries” and most likely to collapse, along with Iran, Madagascar, Pakistan and Kenya.

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