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We still remember Li Wenliang

On September 8, China held a commendation conference to commend role models in the country’s fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

As the commendation ceremony was underway, Li Wenliang’s Weibo flooded into a large number of netizens leave messages of condolences,and “Li Wenliang Weibo Comments” instantly appeared on Weibo’s hot search list and became a real-time hot spot.

 Li Wenliang is a 34-year-old eye doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital, who first sounded the alarm about a possible coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan in a private WeChat discussion group on 30 December 2019. Within days, he and seven other doctors were being questioned for “spreading false rumors.” His death from the coronavirus in the early hours of 7 February triggered an outcry in China.

In fact, since Li Wenliang’s death, there have been a large number of netizens’ comments under his Weibo posts. Some are greetings, some are mourning, and some are coming over to reveal their thoughts and share life like friends. On and after the September 8th, In addition to the feelings of mourning, there were a large number of messages such as “You should also be commended by the country”, “Dr. Li, I commend you on behalf of myself”, “The more they forget you, the more we remember You” appears.

So far, Li Wenliang’s last post has received more than 1 million comments.

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