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Covid-19 has shrunken Macau’s Islamic community

The pandemic that is plaguing the world has reduced the number of Muslims residing in Macau and affected the period of Ramadan, when the Government ordered the closure of Macau’s religious spaces for a month

PLATAFORMA was invited to appear, on a Friday, at the Mosque and Cemetery of the Islamic Association of Macau, at the Ramal dos Mouros, to attend the Salat which, being the second prayer of the day, at noon, after sunset having reached the maximum point, is called as Dhur.

Muslims pray five times a day, that is, they perform five Salat (Fajr, at dawn; Dhur, at noon, after the sun has reached its peak; Asr, between noon and sunset; Maghrib, just after sunset; Isha, at night, at least an hour and a half after sunset and before fajr time, and it cannot be after midnight).

Understandably, it was not possible to enter the mosque during prayer (Dhur), and the restrictions on photographing were many. Still, we managed to get a sense of what is one of the highest moments of the day for Muslims. Standing, bent or on their knees, believers recite a set of verses from the Qur’an and the prayer was done in Arabic, English and Chinese.

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