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Teleschool will be the norm in Mexico and the solution for countries where kids don’t have internet

With the pandemic unstoppable in Mexico, Mexican children will return to school without leaving the house, through television classes. In the country there are 34 million people without access to the internet. Despite being controversial, Teleschool can be the solution for countries with the same problems

Mexican schools officially closed their doors on March 20, when the country recorded one death and 164 coronavirus infections. Five months later, school doors remain closed because the pandemic is unstoppable in the country. Mexico regrets more than 60,000 victims of Covid-19 and half a million cases, reports the Spanish newspaper El Mundo today.

Aware of this, the Mexican government presented a plan, which is both ambitious and controversial, for the new school year that started yesterday: Teleschool, or television classes. Through this modality, President López Obrador’s executive tries to guarantee distance education in a country where 34 million citizens do not have access to the Internet.

The teleschool may be the solution in countries very affected by the pandemic and where the internet is still not a reality for many. The Secretary of Education of Mexico guarantees the certification of this television teaching model. “They are not entertainment programs, they will have official validation, classes will have curricular value and students will be evaluated on their content in each period”, explained Esteban Moctezuma, at the press conference after signing an agreement that President López Obrador described as “historical”.

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