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“She gave the scoop”, “shut up”, “asses”. Bolsonaro attacks press ten times a week

The phrase “my will is to fill your mouth with fist”, said by the President of the Republic on Sunday, when asked about suspicious deposits in the first lady’s account, is just the last episode of a long list of insults to journalists

Jair Bolsonaro made 245 attacks against journalism in the first half of 2020, close to ten a week, according to a study by the National Federation of Journalists of Brazil (Fenaj) launched on July 2. The report was recovered in the last hours, after the Brazilian president said “I want to beat your mouth” to a reporter from the newspaper O Globo who asked him about deposits in his wife’s account, Michelle Bolsonaro, from a former advisor of his senator son, Flávio Bolsonaro, involved in a corruption scheme and detained in a prison in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the accounts of the non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) of the first quarter of the year, Bolsonaro was responsible for 32 verbal attacks or direct offenses against the press in the first three months of this year, an average of one every three days, of which 15 are direct , five of them aimed at women. Among these aggressions, the impact of January 16, when Bolsonaro, questioned about accusations of conflicts of interest involving the head of the government’s communications department, Fábio Wajngarten, replied: “Are you talking about your mother?”

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