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António Bilrero*

On the day that the territory is still in the aftermath of another typhoon passing through the city – the accounting in the middle of the day spoke of almost three hundred occurrences caused by Higos, which forced to raise signal 10 of tropical storm, the highest the scale -, it was also known that it is in early September that the public consultation of the Macao Master Plan starts, which will run until 2040. In the next 20 years. The debate will last for 60 days, until November 2.

And there is still much to be said and inscribed, with the force of “urban law”, in a document that will determine the future of the city (region) in matters such as land use, infrastructure networks, socio-economic development, in the end , the urban structure in which we will live and grow, every day, in the near future. It’s work. The entry into force of the plan therefore requires a set of steps – from the respective preparation, to the collection and integration of opinions from competent entities spread across different structures of the administration and management of the polis.

With this fresh memory, let’s think about establishing clear rules and defining precise instruments for the future development of Macau

And, always lamenting the state of exception and the consequences for people and goods resulting from extreme weather events, there will not be many better examples than arriving on the eve of a public consultation, with the background of the assessment of the constraints caused to the city and the cities. people through the passage of another typhoon, to “compel” those who have responsibilities in the city government to think well and decide better.

For the public good, and for the good of the people.

Floods, power cuts, the functioning of shelters, the very strong population density, the overload of the urban fabric, with “transformers” of dozens of floors spread over avenues, streets and alleys, the expected breaks in the transport networks… all of this unfortunately comes to the surface of water in these extreme moments.

So, with this very fresh memory, let’s think about establishing clear rules and defining precise instruments for the future development of Macau. That is what the Master Plan is asked for. That’s what the city is waiting for. And it’s not a little!

*Executive Editor at Plataforma

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