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The road to paradise is in the Philippines

We went to three of the approximately 7100 islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. One for its exclusivity, another for its tourist success and yet another for its extraordinary natural beauty. We remember here that we discovered that paradise is already there, on the other side of the planet.

Want to know the way to paradise? Take a flight from Portugal to Manila and, from the capital of the Philippines, fly to Puerto Princesa, the main city on the island of Palawan, and drive north for five to six hours to El Nido. You also have the possibility – more expensive – to fly directly from Manila to El Nido, but this way you will lose the chance to visit the underground river eighty kilometers from Puerto Princesa and the gastronomic offer of the city. Whatever the option, when you arrive in El Nido, do not think about returning home or continuing to look for a perfect place. It’s right here.

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