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Economic housing law passed with much criticism

The deputies approved the amendment to the economic housing law tonight, after almost three hours of discussion.

A discussion mainly fueled by Democrats, by Ella Lei and José Pereira Coutinho who, among other aspects, disagreed with the Government for setting the minimum age for candidacy for young unmarried persons at 23 years.

Au Kam San and José Pereira Coutinho consider that the Government is being “discriminatory” because young people can vote and even be deputies at the age of 18, but cannot apply for an economic house, unless they have already married.

For Sulu Sou, the Government “is bullying young people”, a criticism that was supported by Au Kam San: “It was not to speak, but I cannot remain silent. (…) Mr. secretary is not whether there is a lot of demand or not. There is no point in deceiving residents. It is not if you are 18 years old that you will soon become accustomed to economics ”.

“Even in terms of scoring, young people will be at the bottom of the list,” added Au Kam San.

Raimundo do Rosário didn’t like it and replied: “I never lied. If I can do it, I’ll do it. ‘Bullying’ is ‘cheating someone’; are not words to me. So, before the words come out of your mouth, you have to think carefully ”.

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works insisted that the 23-year-old definition of individual candidacy “is not political”, “but rather a legislative option”.

“It is not about discrimination. It is an option; is to decide that someone has legitimacy and that someone doesn’t, ”he said.

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