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Fumukaba project distinguished with the national Energy Globe Award

The Fumukaba project, originating in Guinea-Bissau with a focus on sustainable development and preservation of the environment, was recognized by the current environmental prize with the greatest value worldwide.

The Fumukaba Project – “Project for the development of sustainable domestic energy in the city of Bissau” – coordinated by UCCLA and financed by the European Union and co-financed by the GALP Foundation, was distinguished with the national Energy Globe Award.

The Energy Globe Award – World Prize for Sustainability – aims to reward innovative and sustainable projects, globally, thus increasing their projection and recognition.

The Fumukaba Project – with an amount of € 1,000,000.00 financed by 90% by the European Union and 10% by the GALP Foundation -, started in April 2018, aims to encourage the use of butane gas in the manufacture of food in households of neighborhoods in Bissau. The project came under the Pact of Mayors of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thus, more than 25 thousand households (about 50% of the families residing in the Bissau sector) were benefited.

The Fumukaba project aims to contribute to:

  • reduce the devastation of forests in Guinea-Bissau;
  • encourage the use of clean energy in food preparation, freeing up time for women, who are mainly responsible for this activity in the communities;
  • introducing safe technology with a positive impact on public health;
  • encourage the creation of new business opportunities and small businesses.

Fumukaba project brochure

Information about the winning Fumukaba project at the Energy Globe Award

In Portugal, it was the Neya Lisboa Hotel that won with the energy efficiency project that, since 2014, has been reducing energy consumption by 38%.

In Cape Verde it was a water project on the island of Fogo, which uses solar energy to start a water pump and supply water to 4,000 users.

Within the scope of the Energy Globe, in 2019, more than 180 nations participated with projects implemented in practically the entire planet. All projects that protect our environment can be submitted and are eligible.

The international Energy Globe Award is presented in the Life, Earth, Fire, Water, Air categories and in the future-oriented category, Youth. Every year, there is a special category, such as Smart Plastics.

The Energy Globe Award, World Prize for Sustainability, is organized by the independent Energy Globe Foundation of Austria.

The International award in the various categories will only be known at the end of the year.

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