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The return

The decision by local authorities and Guangdong province to reopen the borders to the movement of people – although, still following a regime with restrictions – was one of the good news of the week for Macau.

It was time for the city to let itself be shared with the presence of others. This is the expectation.

After approximately five months “closed” to tourism, this reopening is a window of opportunity to restart a recovery of post-covid-19 life as desired as necessary.

For a city that received almost 40 million visitors in 2019 (entries), the last few months have been extremely short of time. This small step towards a new normality is an opportunity to, hopefully, restart the engine of the local economy – the casinos – but, above all, to allow small and medium-sized businesses to reopen businesses that are a not insignificant part of city life. They bring more people to the streets. It is in the midst of them that people are seen passing, strolling, looking, tasting, posing, buying … because life is not just about casinos and sumptuous interiors.

This decision, on the other hand, contrasts with what happens on the other side of the Pearl River delta. It represents a proof of confidence between those in charge of Macau and Guangdong, at a time when neighboring Hong Kong, due to the sudden increase in cases of the new coronavirus, closes again to prevent a new wave of the pandemic.

*Executive Editor at Plataforma

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