Covid curve suggests greater immunity and less likely second wave -

Covid curve suggests greater immunity and less likely second wave

Most affected and reopened areas have sustained fall in deaths; virus protection may be underestimated

In practically all regions of the world most affected by the new coronavirus and which resumed their activities, there is a sustained fall in the number of deaths and infections.

The trend is the same in Europe and in the most contaminated Brazilian and North American states. In those who were being spared, cases are rising, raising the overall average in both Brazil and the United States.

In Europe, where the epidemic came before, it is on the decline, although many countries have returned to functioning almost normally.

In the United States, the cities most affected and which had waves of street protests against racism after the death of George Floyd, on May 25, also had no further outbreaks. States like California and Texas, oblivious to the initial outbreak, are the new outbreaks.

In Brazil, cities like São Paulo, Manaus, Rio and Recife, which are already heavily affected, are reopening so far without repeating. But the epidemic is spreading in the interior, as well as in the South and Midwest regions, which had been spared until then.

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