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China promotes next online Canton Fair to Brazil

A promotional event for the 127th Canton Fair was held online on Tuesday to connect the organizer with about 300 representatives from the business council, buyers and companies from 126 cities in Brazil.

During the event, officials at the China Foreign Trade Center introduced the function of the Canton Fair online platform, and discussed topics ranging from exhibition area configurations, product categories, seller-buyer connection and incentives with attendees.

The Commercial Advisor of the Consulate General of China in São Paulo, He Jun, and the vice director and secretary general of the Canton Fair, Li Jinqi, invited Brazilian buyers to participate in the next Canton Fair and stimulate the potential of trade between China and Brazil.

He Jun added that bilateral trade volume increased by 5% from January to May despite the outbreak of COVID-19. At the same time, Brazil recorded an increase of 12% in the volume of exports to China, which helped to alleviate the pressure exerted by the reduced trade surplus and the economic slowdown.

The Canton Fair is an opportunity for Brazilian entrepreneurs to explore their businesses and perspectives, as well as meet new business partners, underlined Simplício Araújo, secretary of Industry, Commerce and Energy of the Brazilian state of Maranhão. He served as a guide for delegations of about 50 entrepreneurs from Maranhão for three consecutive years.

Brazil is China’s largest trading partner in South America, and China has been Brazil’s largest trading partner for eleven consecutive years since 2009. Around 3,000 Brazilian buyers participate in the Canton Fair each year.

The series’ promotional events are scheduled in four South American countries: Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

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