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Cabinda “is not an incident is a military conflict”

The deputy and prime minister of UNITA’s “shadow government”, Raúl Danda, assured today in declarations to PLATAFORMA that Cabinda continues to experience a “political-military conflict” and that “dialogue is the only way” to solve problems in the enclave located in the north of the country.

Raúl Danda reacted to the recent news that reported the occurrence of 12 deaths in clashes in the village of Chuvovo, in Cabinda. According to a statement from the Cabinda State Liberation Front (FLEC), the clashes killed four military personnel from the Angolan Armed Forces, six civilians and two combatants from the organization.

“What happens in Cabinda are not incidents. It is a political-military conflict that took place before the country’s independence before November 1975. It is an expression of the aspirations of the people of Cabinda for self-determination ”, said Rául Danda.

For the former vice president of UNITA, a native of Cabinda, the conflict “is legitimate, it has a reason to be”, but “the Government of Angola, led by MPLA, has been dealing with the issue in a more simplistic and hideous way”.

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