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Experience Macao after dark with ON THE MOVE V

CURB – Center for Architecture and Urbanism is excited to announce the fifth edition of ON THE MOVE, a unique event combining creative bike rides with a captivating documentary screening.

Melissa Zerda Gomes

This year, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the city at night, capturing its unique lighting and streetscape through advanced camera technologies.

Scheduled for March 8th and 9th, this immersive experience will showcase the everyday splendor of Macao through four expertly guided journeys led by Curator Nuno Soares, President of CURB. Each day will feature two sessions: the City Route and the Water Route.

The City Route will take participants on a northbound adventure, passing through Patane, San Kio, and returning to Ponte 9. The Water Route will guide cyclists on a southbound journey through Manduco, Barra, Sai Van, and back to Ponte 9. To ensure an intimate experience, each session will be limited to 10 participants, all aged 18 and above.

The sights and sounds collected during the Creative Bicycle Rides will be transformed into a captivating Video Art and Documentary. This artistic creation will be unveiled during a Rooftop Parallel Screening at Ponte 9 – Creative Platform Rooftop on March 23rd at 6:30 pm. Art enthusiasts and the general public are invited to witness the culmination of this unique project.

To participate in this extraordinary event, please visit the CURB Facebook page for more information and registration details.

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