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International Jazz Day Concert and Jam Session

Macau Jazz Sunday Sessions, in collaboration with ArtBeat Productions and None of Your Business, proudly announces the highly anticipated International Jazz Day Concert and Jam Session. This exclusive event, supported by Jazz Club de Macau and Red House Macau, promises an extraordinary evening of musical excellence on April 30th from 9PM to 2AM at the elegant Red House Macau. Located on the 2nd floor of Ascott, Rua Cidade de Braga, NAPE, Macau, this celebration of jazz is set to be an unforgettable experience.

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International Jazz Day, recognized worldwide by UNESCO, honors the remarkable heritage and cultural significance of jazz music. This event serves as a testament to the power of jazz in bringing people together and fostering cross-cultural connections.

Prepare to be captivated as renowned jazz artists and emerging talents take the stage, embracing the spirit of improvisation and breathing new life into beloved jazz standards.

The lineup features two exceptional bands, The Hot Dog Express and The Bridge, known for their impeccable musicianship and electrifying performances.

In addition, we are thrilled to welcome guest vocalists Jandira Silva, Miguel Falé, and Rachel Lau, whose soulful voices will enrich the musical tapestry. Accompanying the bands, acclaimed DJs Herbie Bangkok and IDego will create an irresistible ambiance with their infectious rhythms and eclectic beats.

Tickets for this unforgettable evening start from MOP 280 and include two complimentary drinks. Immerse yourself in the rich history and promising future of jazz as we celebrate its universal appeal and cultural significance.

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