Início » United States says it hit 14 Huthi missiles in Yemen

United States says it hit 14 Huthi missiles in Yemen

The US armed forces announced today that they had hit 14 Huthi missiles in Yemen, "to protect" navigation in the region.

“These missiles on launch platforms represented an immediate threat to merchant ships and the US Navy in the region and could have been fired at any time,” wrote the United States military commander at Médico Oriente (Centcom), in a statement. published on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

This is the fourth series of Western fires against pro-Iranian rebels in a week.

For their part, the Huthis assured that they will continue to attack ships in the Red Sea.

“The US-British aggression targeted Hodeida, Taez, Dhamar, Al-Bayta and Saada,” reported the rebels’ Al-Masirah television channel.

“We will continue to target ships heading to the ports of occupied Palestine, whatever the American-British aggressions are to try to stop,” a Huthi official told Al-Masirah.

Off Yemen, in the Red Sea and in the Gulf of Aden, these rebels, at war for about a decade against the Yemeni Government, are targeting merchant ships that they consider linked to Israel.

The rebels claim to carry out these attacks in solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza, the territory that was the scene of the war unleashed by the Israeli army following the attack on October 7th, carried out by the Islamist Hamas movement in Israel.

The increasing attacks by the Huthis have led, in recent days, to a response by US and British military forces, targeting, last week, close to 30 locations in Yemen.

On Wednesday, Washington once again classified the Huthis, supported by Iran, as “terrorists”, after in 2021, to facilitate humanitarian aid, it removed the movement from the list of terrorist organizations.

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