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Ukraine says Russia attacked cities with drones made from European parts

In a 47-page report, Kiev revealed to its allies that the drones Russia is using have many components from European companies.

Russia has used drones manufactured in Iran to launch strong attacks on Ukrainian cities, but this Wednesday the Guardian newspaper reveals that these same drones have “several European parts”.

Ukraine made this known in a report presented to allies during a G7 meeting last August. In that same document, Zelensky mentioned that there were more than 600 attacks on cities using drones containing European technology, but also from the United States, Canada and even Japan.

“52 electrical components manufactured by Western companies were found in the Shahed-131 drone and 57 in the Shahed-136 model, which has a flight range of 2,000 km and a cruising speed of 180 km/h”, reads the article, where it is also revealed that “five European companies, including a Polish subsidiary of a British multinational, are identified as original manufacturers of the identified components”, and among the manufacturers are also companies “based in the countries of the sanctions coalition: United States, Switzerland, Netherlands , Germany, Canada, Japan and Poland”.

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