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Felipe VI appoints Feijóo to the new government in Spain

King Felipe VI nominated the leader of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, as a candidate for investiture. The monarch's decision was taken after the end of consultations with parliamentary leaders, during which both Feijóo and socialist Pedro Sánchez showed their readiness to take on the challenge. None of them have the necessary votes to win. The date of the investiture debate will later be revealed by the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, who will have to play with the hypothesis that, if it is necessary to go to the polls again, the elections will not fall on Christmas.

“The PP was the political group with the highest number of seats [in Congress]. In this sense, except for the XI Legislature, in all elections the political group that obtained the highest number of seats was the first to be proposed. This practice has become a habit over the years. The king has not found, to this day, the existence of a sufficient majority for the investiture that would make this habit fall”, informed the Royal House in a statement, after Armengol revealed the king’s decision.

“I thank the king for the decision to nominate me as a candidate for the presidency of the Government. We will give voice to the more than 11 million citizens who want change, stability and moderation with a Government that defends the equality of all Spaniards”, reacted Feijóo on Twitter (renamed X).

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