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Chinese, Americans had “frank and constructive” dialogue, says Beijing

Chinese and US diplomats held a “frank and constructive” dialogue in Beijing on how to improve bilateral relations, strained by several disputes, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today.

“The two sides had frank, constructive and productive communication to improve China-US relations and properly manage disputes,” the Chinese ministry said in a statement.

“China clarified its firm position on Taiwan”, the main point of contention between the two countries, indicated the same note, adding that “the two parties agreed to continue communication”.

Hours earlier, the US State Department had, in a brief statement, confirmed that two US government leaders had maintained contacts in Beijing with Chinese officials on Monday.

The Assistant Secretary of State for the Pacific and East Asia, Daniel Kritenbrink, and the director of the National Security Council for China and Taiwan Affairs, Sarah Beran, traveled to Beijing, and together with the ambassador of the United States (US ) in China met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ma Zhaoxu, and with the Director General of the Department of North America and Oceania Affairs, Yang Tao.

“The two sides held very productive discussions, within the scope of current efforts to keep lines of communication open and reinforce high-level diplomacy between the two countries,” indicated the US diplomacy note.

“The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations, the situation in the Taiwan Strait, communication channels and other matters. US officials have made it clear that the US will maintain a strong stance and defend US interests and values.”

On Sunday, the US Department of Defense denounced the “increasingly risky” actions of the Chinese army in Asia, following two incidents between the forces of the two countries in recent days, in the Taiwan Strait and in the South Sea. China.

“We remain concerned about the [Chinese] Army’s increasingly risky and aggressive activities in the region, including in recent days,” said Pentagon Spokesperson General Pat Ryder, who participated with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. , at the Shangri-La Dialogue, a weekend defense and security conference in Singapore.

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