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Navalny says he keeps his spirits up in prison

Navalny, who was sentenced in March 2021 to nine years in prison, turns 47 today, a date that is marked by his supporters with various initiatives, in Russia and abroad.

Police have stepped up their presence in central Moscow and have already made arrests in Pushkin Square and elsewhere in the capital.

At least 45 people were arrested, according to the Russian organization OVD-Info, which monitors politically motivated arrests.

“Of course, I would rather not wake up in this hole and have breakfast with the family, with a kiss from my children, opening presents and saying: this is exactly what I wanted”, wrote Navalny in a message, in the which ensures that it keeps the spirit.

The Russian opponent claims to be in a disciplinary cell for the 16th time. His supporters say the authorities seek to affect him psychologically by regularly sending him to these cells in very poor conditions for several days.

“But that’s life: you can only achieve social progress and a better future if some people are willing to pay for the right to have convictions,” he added.

According to Navalny, “the day will come when telling the truth and fighting for justice in Russia will become common and safe”.

The Russian opponent, who thanked the support and saluted all the “political prisoners” in the world, should soon be tried for “extremism”, risking a sentence of another 35 years in prison.

Detained since January 2021, after returning to Russia recovered from serious poisoning that he attributes to the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny considers that this new case is a way to keep him in prison for life.

In March 2021, he was sentenced to nine years in prison on charges of “fraud” that he considers fictitious and has continued to send messages to his team from prison, speaking of detention conditions and criticizing Vladimir Putin’s leadership and the invasion. Russian from Ukraine.

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