Início » Russia fires 30 more missiles and drones in attack on Kiev

Russia fires 30 more missiles and drones in attack on Kiev

Russia returned today to attack, for the sixth consecutive day, the Ukrainian capital, using “more than 30” missiles and “drones”, shot down by the Ukrainian air defenses, said the military administration of Kiev.

“Terror continues in Kiev with airstrikes. The terrorists are desperate and are attacking the capital almost non-stop,” the military administration said in a report, in which it underlined that this is the sixth air attack against the Ukrainian capital in six days.

According to those responsible, the Russian forces used a combination of ‘drones’ (unmanned aerial vehicles) Shahed explosives, of Iranian manufacture, launched from “different directions”, and cruise missiles fired by planes, from the Caspian Sea.

So far, there is no information about possible victims.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said no calls were made to medical services during or after the overnight attack.

The Ukrainian General Staff’s daily report noted that Ukrainian air defenses shot down 15 cruise missiles and 18 Shahed drones.

Russia has increased the intensity and frequency of drone and missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital since late April.

Although the Western defense systems that Ukraine has installed in Kiev shoot down almost all of the projectiles, several people have died in recent days due to falling debris following the interceptions.

The Ukrainian forces said they believe that, with these attacks, Moscow wants to demoralize the population and deplete the ammunition of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems.

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