Início » Macau wants local representatives at political meetings in Beijing to play a “positive role”

Macau wants local representatives at political meetings in Beijing to play a “positive role”

The Macau Government hopes that the territory’s representatives at the two political sessions taking place in Beijing “play a positive role”, according to a statement from the Media Office.

“[The Government] hopes that the representatives of Macau in the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, who participated in the ‘Two Sessions’ in Beijing, will scrupulously fulfill their duties and play a positive role”, reads the statement. if in the statement of the government department of the Chinese administrative region.

The leader of the territory, Ho Iat Seng, was present this morning at the opening of the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPA), the country’s highest legislative body, “during which he met and listened attentively” to the presentation of the first Outgoing Minister Li Keqiang on the Central Government work report.

In the report, adds the statement, Li said that, “under the guidance and support of the Central Government”, the leadership of Macau “will strive to fully, precisely and unwaveringly pursue the policies ‘one country, two systems’ and ‘ Macau governed by its people’ with a high degree of autonomy”.

“And it will persist, with determination, in safeguarding the constitutional order of the special administrative region defined in the national Constitution and in the Basic Law [mini constitution of the territory], as well as in the implementation of the principle ‘Macao governed by patriots’, and in improving the economy and of the well-being of the population, in order to ensure the long-term prosperity and stability of Macau”, he added.

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