Início » Messi’s brother’s words fell badly and lead to an apology

Messi’s brother’s words fell badly and lead to an apology

The words of Matías Messi, brother of the Argentine star who plays for PSG, did not go down well in Barcelona and even led to an apology.

“I have a clipping from Sport [Spanish newspaper] at my house that says Messi should return to Barcelona. At the bottom I wrote ‘hahahaha’. We are not going back to Barcelona. If we do, let’s do a good cleanup. Among them, expelling Joan Laporta, who is ungrateful”, said Matías in a video for his son’s Twitch channel.

On social networks, he portrayed himself after all the controversy caused. “For us, Catalonia is our second home and this is public knowledge. I am very sorry and I apologize to everyone, especially to the Barcelonistas ”, he wrote, speaking this time of Barcelona as“ a very big club ”and that“ it gave Messi and the family a lot ”.

Messi is at the end of his contract with PSG and, despite the existence of an agreement being advanced, a possible renewal has not yet been made official.

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