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European Super League with 60 to 80 teams and no permanent members

A22 Sports Management, the company that promotes the Superliga, announced this Thursday in the newspaper El País, through its CEO Bernd Reichart, the measures it intends to implement and the corrections it intends to make regarding the initial project, which caused so much controversy and which, in the in the end, it ended up not knowing any progress.

“European football is on the brink of an abyss. Huge imbalances have arisen on our continent in relation to traditional European clubs with a glorious past, which today are unable to compete”, begins by referring to the released document.

Then “ten principles for a European football league” are mentioned, which includes the participation of between 60 and 80 teams.

“The European Football League should be an open competition, with several divisions with 60 to 80 teams, allowing a sustainable distribution of revenues along the football pyramid. Membership in each season must be based on sporting merit, with no permanent members. The qualification system must be open, based on performance in national competitions, thus allowing all clubs access to the competition, while maintaining competitive dynamics at a national level”, it can be read.

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