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Nudity lights up haute couture in Paris

Sensuality and nudity land in the spring-summer collection of haute couture in Paris, a trend confirmed with the definitive liberation of bodies after the pandemic.

“There is a lot of nudity in the dresses. These are trends, we are coming out of a pandemic, people want to go out, to show off, to celebrate together. It is natural”, reflected the French designer Christian Louboutin, who collaborated with the Spanish Juana Martín for his collection entitled “Origens”.

Martín proposed the faded jeans for his show, with cutouts at the waist, exposing the hips, to break the symmetry.

“The idea is to take it very freely and with a lot of… nudity. Reappropriating the body wounded by the covid”, explained the French designer Julien Fournié.

The Italian brand Fendi presented a collection full of transparencies and dresses inspired by women’s underwear.

“It’s the inner world that comes to the fore, both figuratively and literally,” said British designer Kim Jones, the brand’s artistic director.

This transparency is accentuated by browns, light grays, and pastel colors. The shoes, however, are stiletto heels, so as not to lose the sexy side.

“I am sexy”

Viktor & Rolf, the Dutch couple who usually surprise with their humor in each collection, also used the same color palette in their two trends: on the one hand, one with traditional models wearing wide skirts, with lots of tulle and bows at the waist, and on the other, dresses being worn backwards or diagonally.

The Thierry Mugler brand, which has made corsets, leather jackets and high boots its reference since the 1990s, reappeared this Thursday night (26) through haute couture with the slogan “I am sexy”.

The American Casey Cadwallader, who took over the reins of the brand after the death of its founder last year, presented a woman in a tight, black and embroidered dress that left little room for the imagination, but which was highlighted by black knee-high stockings.

Two thin black wings emerge from a Mugler corset that barely hide the model’s breasts. Juana Martín uses the same idea to tighten the waist of a pair of jeans cut below the hips.

The end of the show turned into a nightclub, where guests and models mingled.

“You have to have fun! Fashion is not for parading with sad faces. It’s warm and exciting,” Casey Cadwallader told the press.

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