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Africa has potential for clean energy production

Speaking on the panel on clean energies at the Sustainability Forum, João Lourenço also highlighted that “fortunately the continent has plenty of sun, a good that nature offers to be able to transform this sun into energy using solar panels”.

In his speech, in a debate panel with questions and answers, flanked by other African leaders, the Angolan Head of State also highlighted the urgent need for energy infrastructures for the electrification and industrialization of the continent.

On the other hand, in order to achieve these objectives, President João Lourenço also believes that the involvement of both rich countries and international financial institutions is essential for public and private investment in the clean energy production sector.

“We think that if we have this vision of going fast, we will certainly be doing a great deal of good to nature, reducing polluting gas emissions”, pointed out João Lourenço.

The Angolan statesman, who made these statements during a debate on the theme “Allowing Africa to become a clean energy center”, within the scope of the second and last day of the Summit on Sustainability, highlighted several advantages if there is an investment and engagement of all.

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