Início » Millionaire pays 2.4 million to see Ronaldo and Messi

Millionaire pays 2.4 million to see Ronaldo and Messi

The King Fahd Stadium, in Riyadh, could be the stage for the last face-to-face between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, so the game, even with beans, is causing real madness in Saudi Arabia. Tickets sold out and there were those who paid 2.4 million to have a ticket.

The madness could only come from a tycoon, who participated in the auction of a VIP ticket, whose bidding base started at a “modest” 245 thousand euros. The value rose up to ten times more and only then did anyone dare to go further.

In addition to guaranteeing access to the game, the ticket purchased by Mushref al-Ghamdi includes other perks that make it so appealing, with VIP benefits, including access to the changing room area and the possibility of interacting directly with players from both teams, among them, of course, Ronaldo and Messi.

It should be said that the auction went ahead for a good cause, as the money raised (the so-called 2.4 million euros) will serve charitable purposes.

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