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Oil sales bring Angola more than expected

In November of this year, oil revenue reached 3.4 billion Kwanzas (AKz), a value higher than the forecast of the Revised General State Budget (OGE) 2020.

The forecast of the Revised OGE is AKz 2.9 billion, amount from oil, at an average price of $ 33 per barrel.

The Angolan State collected, until last November, about half a million Kwanzas more than it had foreseen.

It is estimated that oil revenue, by the end of the year, will reach AKz 3.7 billion, if December exports reach AKz 300 million, taking into account forecasts for the sale of 1,283 million barrels per day and the animation of the crude price in the international market influenced by the start of vaccination against Covid-19.

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