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Project teaches safe isolation to patients with covid-19 in slums

Entities offer different types of support to combat and treat covid-19 in slums.

When he was diagnosed with covid-19, the concern of Willian Luiz Victor, 24, was not to transmit the virus to his family. He lives in Nova Holanda, in Complexo da Maré, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. At home, besides him, seven people live. It was thanks to the guidance and monitoring he received from the members of the Conexão Saúde project: keeping an eye on the covid! that managed to make a secure isolation.

“I was worried about my family. They came to take the test and fortunately, or unfortunately, only I was left with covid. They tested negative ”, he says. Victor had to be accompanied for three weeks, both remotely by teleconsultations and by health agents who made face-to-face visits. He received a series of guidelines on how to adapt the home and routine. Among them, there is the use of a mask inside the house, the cleaning of the place and the distance from other residents.

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