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Qatar World Cup CEO downplays worker’s death

Around 6500 workers died during the construction of the infrastructures for the 2022 World Cup. Many of them suffered from poor working conditions and were poorly paid, factors that generated a lot of controversy around this World Cup. Now, the CEO of the tournament devalued yet another death of a worker, when asked about the topic.

“We are having a hugely successful World Cup and the first question you ask me is this? Death is part of the natural cycle of life, whether at work or sleeping. A worker died, we send condolences to the family but it is strange that the first focus is on this issue”, said Nasser Al Khater.

FIFA also confirmed the worker’s death and a Qatari representative said that “if the investigation concludes that safety protocols were not followed, the company will be subject to legal action and severe financial sanctions”, he revealed to The Athletic newspaper.

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