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Scholz defends pipeline from Portugal

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke out this Thursday in favor of a pipeline that transports gas from Portugal through Spain and France to the rest of Europe, to reduce the current dependence on Russian gas.

In a press conference, Scholz regretted that this link had not yet been built, because it would now make it possible to make a “massive contribution” to the supply in northern Europe, due to the energy crisis that arose after the war in Ukraine.

The chancellor, quoted by the Efe agency, added that he spoke with his colleagues in Portugal, Spain and France and with the president of the European Commission to promote this project, as the existence of links with North Africa would help to diversify the supply. .

A gas pipeline with these characteristics “would solve the current problems”, added the German chancellor, who highlighted his government’s efforts to reduce energy dependence on Russia and admitted that the previous ones did not consider this possibility.

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