Início » China fires ‘multiple’ ballistic missiles during exercises, Taiwan says

China fires ‘multiple’ ballistic missiles during exercises, Taiwan says

China on Thursday (4) fired “multiple” ballistic missiles into waters near Taiwan as part of its military exercises, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, condemning what it called “irrational actions that undermine regional peace”.

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“The Communist Party of China fired multiple Dongfeng ballistic missiles into the waters near northeastern and southwestern Taiwan as of 1:56 p.m.″ (2:56 a.m. Brasília), the defense ministry said in a statement.

Taiwanese military officials did not mention exact location where the missiles fell or whether they flew over the island. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the official name of China’s armed forces, also confirmed the missile launch. Colonel Shi Yi, spokesman for the Eastern Command, said Chinese forces launched “a multi-regional, multi-modal conventional missile firepower attack in predetermined waters on the eastern part of Taiwan Island.”

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“All missiles hit the target accurately,” Colonel Shi added.

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