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Russia accuses US of ‘destabilizing the world’ with possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan

Russia on Tuesday (2) accused the US government of “destabilizing the world” and provoking tensions over Taiwan, where a possible visit by US House of Representatives Speaker

“Washington destabilizes the world. Not a single conflict solved in the last decades, but many provoked,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Telegram.

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The statement is intended to rebut the US government’s accusations against Russia of provoking destabilization with its military offensive in Ukraine, and was released after China’s warnings against a visit by Pelosi to Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its territory.

Pelosi has begun a tour of several Asian countries, which has already taken her to Singapore and on Tuesday is in Malaysia. The itinerary includes stops in South Korea and Japan, but the prospect of a visit to Taiwan still draws attention.

Isolated on the international scene since the beginning of the operation in Ukraine and economically affected by Western sanctions, Russia is attempting a rapprochement with China.

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